Solar PV

Solbright brings turnkey project development and management, utility compliance, and contract administration, along with seasoned expertise in technology, procurement, and integration to the emerging field of solar energy.

Financial Solutions For Solar

The Economics of Solar

Solbright Renewable Energy creates detailed financial models specifically for your site to satisfy your unique objectives. From pilot projects to regional roll-outs, our team of experts will anticipate your needs and ensure an effective and viable renewable energy plan for your business.

Revenue Generation

The ability to turn idle roof space, parking areas, or brownfields into cash-generating assets drives much of the investment in solar today. Your organization’s building or land could be perfect for a solar installation yielding thousands of dollars in additional income every month. Contact us and let us setup a feasibility study to learn more.

Capital Preservation

The current Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit of 30% has been extended through 2019, but will gradually reduce to 10% by 2022. With many tax incentive programs set to expire, Now is the time to take advantage of Federal tax benefits to preserve capital and increase operating income.

Offset Energy Costs

Electricity prices continue to climb as traditional energy resources grow more scarce. Institutions, eager to lock-in stable rates over the long-term, have turned to the promise of renewable energy for its consistency. Solar energy installations rely on free abundant energy from our sun so the price you pay never goes up.

Want to evaluate the economics of solar?

Intelligent designs that leverage existing assets to enable maximum energy production. 

Solar Project Installations

Solbright delivers a variety of solar plant installation types that utilize existing assets, real estate, and acreage. Leveraging know-how with its best-in-industry methodology, Solbright maximizes power production, safety, and quality for every client. See why clients lean on our team of experienced engineers and installation experts to bring exacting precision to every project.

Roof Mount Solar Plants

Roof Mount Solar 450x300

Roof mounted solar plants leverage existing roof spaces to harness the power of the sun. Roof mount plants are common in urban commercial and residential applications.

Canopy Mounted Solar Plants

Canopy Solar 450x300

Canopy mounted solar plants are designed to leverage power production over top of existing parking lots. Canopy systems are an excellent way to transform acres of paved lot into a cost saving energy producing plant.

Ground Mount Solar Plants

Ground Mount Solar 450x300

Ground mount solar plants leverage acres of undeveloped land to create power plants that generate revenue. 

Solar Projects

Solbright has successfully installed solar projects across a variety of industry verticals for Fortune 100, US military, and municipal clients. Learn more about our proficiency below.

2.4 MW Solar PV Ground System

Ft Irwin Solar Installation Ground Mount

In 2013, a leading international construction services firm selected Solbright to design and build a 2.4 MW ground mount system at the new Fort Irwin military hospital in California’s Mojave Desert.

5.85MW Solar PV Roof Mount System

Walmart Solar Installationv

Solbright was selected by a leading contractor to install dozens of roof mounted solar systems for a global retailer across the Southeast to help them achieve their commitment to using solar energy.

212.4 kW Solar PV Parking Canopy System

Camp LeJuene Solar Canopy

This deftly executed canopy is one of many solar systems Solbright has installed at Camp LeJeune. From photovoltaics to solar thermal systems, we’re helping the East Coast’s largest Marine Corps base become energy self-sufficient.

3.7 MW Solar PV Ground Mount System

solar pv installation in landfill

Solbright designs and installs picturesque ground mounts in unusable brownfields and landfills. More importantly, Solbright turns sites like the expansive Forbes Street Landfill in Providence, RI into revenue generating assets. 

Clients We Serve

Solbright works with clients that operate facilities across industry verticals in the private, public, and defense sectors.

Financing Solutions That Simplify Solar

Solbright leverages a plethora of relationships to finance your next solar project. These finance vehicles provide options for leased equipment and construction, or power purchasing agreements (PPA). Let’s discuss financing your next solar project with Solbright.

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