BrightAI, from Solbright Group, is an Industrial Internet of Things platform that gathers, stores and analyzes data that is critical in measurably improving efficiency and productivity for various commercial applications.

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What is BrightAI?

BrightAI is energy efficiency software technology that enables innovative smart monitoring of devices. BrightAI features energy management and predictive maintenance applications via cloud control dashboard. BrightAI is ideal for many Industrial IoT applications including Smart Manufacturing, Smart Building, and Smart Machine.

What is BrightAI?

BrightAI Features

Features that enable our clients to easily integrate BrightAI with any environment.

Open, standards-based provisioning, controlling and monitoring of Internet of Things devices

Support for programmable AI logic

Scalable and reliable by utilizing a smart gateway for local device management

Cloud based real-time control using cloud infrastructure and light-weight communication protocols

Support for blockchain security applications.

Robust and flexible for wide scale applications from single machine control to entire smart building

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