BrightAI, from Solbright, is a smart building platform that allows you to blend mechanical and environmental data to automate intelligent operation and predict maintenance needs.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Eliminating Unplanned Emergencies

BrightAI connects to components within a system to create rules and standards for optimal performance. The dashboard enables alerts and reporting for components within a system that are indicate a system failure is imminent. Intelligently designed to maintain production up-time, tenant comfort, and eliminate surprises.

Eliminating Unplanned Emergencies
predictive maintenance applications

Correlating Data to Eliminate Unplanned Emergencies

Every facility has a unique ecosystems of clients, systems, and production purposes. Within the ecosystem of every facility is a rhythm of information that creates a harmony reflective of optimal performance. By gathering an ocean of environmental and mechanical data, BrightAI can determine which micro-systems need maintenance, or are out of harmony, to prevent unplanned emergencies.

prevent grocery store freezer failures

Within every facility is an ecosystem that is critical to the operation of the facility. BrightAI easily connects to critical microsystems in each facility to create a predictive maintenance platform that reduces operational downtime. This includes battery banks, refrigeration systems, fire suppression, boilers, chiller plants, ventilation systems, production lines, motors, and a variety of other systems that are critical components of operating the facility successfully. 

Notification & Risk Avoidance

A key component to predictive maintenance is being notified that a system is trending in the wrong direction, and making an intelligent intervention to mitigate downtime. BrightAI provides customizable alerting so you can set thresholds on component level systems such as vibration, temperature, and decibels. By measuring and looking at the harmonious baselines of critical equipment, BrightAI can immediately alert engineers when a system begins to decline. 

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Measurement & Verification

Energy Analytics to Make Smart Decisions


Energy Analytics to Make Smart Decisions

BrightAI blends environmental data with infrastructure systems information to design intelligent demand and ventilation response programs. Along with ongoing commissioning, BrightAI’s customizable algorithms are configured to report on actionable insights to slash energy consumption in the built environment.

M&V applications

Analyzing Data to Reduce Energy Consumption

BrightAI easily adapts to gather accurate baselines for environmental and mechanical systems to determine areas of energy savings impact. The BrightAI M&V application intelligently blends system information to baseline energy consumption throughout facility systems. The BrightAI M&V platform provides an accurate forecast if a facility is operationally sound, or could benefit from retrofit, LED ligthing, solar, and other energy conservation services.

m&v utility meter

BrightAI connects to meters, sensors, and interior or exterior environments to gather an ocean of actionable intelligence. The BrightAI dashboard is customizable to produce data views that are coherent and meaningful to the type of facility you operate. BrightAI provides deep value regardless of the BAS or SCADA system is installed in your facility. 

benefits of measurement and verification

A successful M&V program will help provide the roadmap for energy efficiency in any facility and help determine areas of operational investment with measurable paybacks. Solbright engineers apply energy analytics to savings programs, utility incentives, potential retrofits, and financial models to design best fit energy conservation measures for your facility. 

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Custom IoT Solutions for Any Use Case

BrightAI provides a variety of use cases for interior and exterior applications.

Energy Analytics

Measurement and verification for solar plant and building systems.

Predictive Maintenance

Understand and optimize micro-systems to reduce downtime.

Demand Ventilation

Economize air flow to reduce energy costs.


Access critical facility information via elegant cloud UI.

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